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!! The Formal Methods Symposium in Paris at CNAM August 27-31 2012
[FM 2012|] is the eighteenth in a series of symposia organized by Formal Methods Europe, an independent association whose aim is to stimulate the use of, and research on, formal methods for software development. The symposia have been notably successful in bringing together innovators and practitioners in precise mathematical methods for software and systems development, industrial users as well as researchers. will be held at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Le Cnam) in the center of Paris with the support of the Cnam Computer Science Department and the MeFoSyLoMa group (Méthodes Formelles pour les Systèmes Logiciels et Matériels). Submissions are welcomed in the form of original papers on research and industrial experience, proposals for workshops and tutorials, entries for the exhibition of software tools and projects, and reports on ongoing doctoral work.
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